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St Christopher's Church - Burials Policy

We welcome people wishing to have a Christian burial or have their cremated remains buried in our churchyard. Certain groups of people automatically qualify for the right to be buried here. Others need the consent of the minister, taking account of general guidance of the Parochial Church Council (PCC) which is given below.

The Legal Rights of Burial

The following persons qualify for being buried (including cremated remains) in the churchyard or burial ground of their parish:

  • Every parishioner and inhabitant residing in the parish.

  • Any person whose death takes place within the area of the parish, irrespective of the length of time they have lived there.

  • Any person who at the date of their death has their name entered on the electoral roll of the parish and whose parish of residence has no facility for burials.

Apart from the above there can be no burials without the consent of the minister who in deciding to give such consent shall have regard to any general guidance by the PCC. Further details are available in the Church of England's Burial Rights.

St Christopher’s PCC Guidance

In view of the limited space in the churchyard, the Parochial Church Council wishes that burials (including cremated remains) requiring new plots at St Christopher’s be for those who have had a close connection with the church, as well as those who have a right of burial. This might include a person whose name is entered on the church electoral roll, or their spouse, parent or child, or a person whose name was on the church electoral roll for many years but for some reason is no longer on it.   In case of doubt the minister should discuss it with the church warden(s).

Memorials on Graves

Information on the permitted designs for memorials on graves and the approval process for them can be found in "The Churchyard Regulations 2007" available on the Chester Diocese website.