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Details of our autumn sermon series 'Firm Foundations' can be found here

Sermons from our on-line services:

3D: Supplementary Sermons

Welcome to '3D' - a series of 'nutritional supplements' for our Church Family during this period of meeting only virtually (online messaging, phone calls, letters, emails, online worship etc). When I asked for ideas for a name, suggestions mostly fell into two categories; digging, and food. We are digging down deeper to find greater spiritual treasure; we are feeding on more solid spiritual food (c.f. 'You need milk, not solid food, for everyone who lives on milk is ...a child. But solid food is for the mature...' Hebrews, chapter 5).

In the end I chose the suggestion of a keen gardener, 'David Delves Deeper', but amended it to '3D'; partly because it doesn't make it all about me(!), but also because it also hints at the need for our faith to grow in all dimensions; deeper, wider and higher. I do hope together we will indeed 'delve deeper'!

Upward and Onward: Introduction to our spiritual building project for 2020

Sermon series: Upward and Onward in...

EPHESUS: flourishing, or losing its way? (1st March)

CORINTH: good passions, and bad (8th March)

GALATIA: missing the point? (15th March)

THESSALONICA: looking towards the light? (5th April - postponed)

Cosmic Eye videoclip used in Ephesus sermon (1st March)


Dr. John Ryley

I'm delighted that our friend and preacher, John, has shared some of his great knowledge and love of the Bible. Do have a look at what he has to say.